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  • Studio: Benefit from controlled lighting and protection from the elements
  • On-location: Portray the essence of your personality: at your favorite park, scenic spot, workplace, etc.
  • Headshots: Need a professional looking image for a website or business card?
  • Seniors: Creative posing and props, clothing choice or location, within the limits of good taste
  • Modeling: Thinking about submitting images to a modeling agency?
  • Families and groups: Everything from engagement sessions to large family reunions
  • Weddings: Formal, candid and documentary styles – whatever’s your taste
  • Plays: How many of us remember the plays we were in as children? Hard to recall, right? Make sure to capture these precious moments of your kids
  • Concerts: Up and coming band needing marketing material for websites and advertisements? Want to capture school and church Christmas concerts?
  • Functions: Everything from company meetings, conferences and auctions
  • Travel: Documentation of an area’s landscape, people, cultures, customs and history
  • Urban: Given my opportunity to travel worldwide here’s some cityscape and architectural images
  • Nature: Images of natural elements such as wildlife, plants, and close-ups of natural scenes and textures


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